I started making music when I was about fifteen, writing lyrics and notation on paper as a way to cope with the abuse I had received at the hands of my father and a family friend when I was younger. This theme of pain, heartbreak, and perseverance has followed me in music ever since. I tend to write lyrics that are edgy, sometimes melancholic, sometimes angry, and to date have carried either the theme of "wanting to give up but being unable to", "being pissed off beyond belief", or "utter insanity".

I try my best to use my foundations in my earlier years of composing music as fodder for the present. I started out writing lyrics for rock and metal and feel that this is the lyrical medium I am still best at. I try to incorporate those genres into my electronic dance music and dubstep, infusing my sound with a gritty feeling and a larger than life vibe. I know I've reached a good place in a track when it makes me feel like a rock star, I don't know how to put that any other way.  I was raised in Texas but moved to Nebraska when I was 15, and my music is kind of like me in that respect; a mashup of multiple different styles and sounds that I feel lend well to each other. 

With my music, I try to give people someone to relate to; even more specifically I try to convey to my audience that they can relate to themselves and keep on keeping on, no matter how hard it is. They've got TH!S.