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Mar 1



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My name is April and I've been a musician for more than 15 years, producer for about 8 years total, 3 years seriously. I created this space to help unite the EDM community by means of communication! I hope y'all like it! Feel free to follow me on EDM Twitter if you want to, @ReptusSanctus, you don't have to it isn't required!


Feel free to make your very own introduction post! I really want us all to be able to express ourselves freely within reason

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    Mar 1

    This is the mission I set out to when I made this page: *Showcase my music * Create a space for people who love EDM in all it's forms *Promote up and coming artists *Promote the Underground scene *Unify the community with a means of easy communication for everyone, regardless of location
  • TH!S
    Mar 1

    Here are a few simple guidelines to follow: *Don't bully anyone or tease them for their music taste. It really is taste. *If someone is harassing you come to me or any other admin. If an admin is harassing you, please let me know! *Follow The Golden Rule; Be respectful of others. *Please use the private chats to talk about non PG-13 things. Please, do not talk about sex on the forums. If you violate either of these rules you will be banned. *Above everything else have fun and enjoy talking about electronic dance music and our culture! Peace Love Unity Respect TH!S
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